Welcome to Jus-1
The smartest & easiest single pill dispenser

What is Jus-1?

It is a Single Pill Dispenser that can fit on small to large size bottles
& small to large size tablets / pills.

Tilt & Press

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Lightly shake the bottle and tilt it in a position as if you are pouring water out of the bottle.

Pill shifts into position

Jus-1;Single Pill Dispenser;Pill Dispenser

Since the pills are all loosely positioned, one of them will move into the funnel and move forward with gravity into the position to be pushed out.

Jus-1 releases just one pill

Jus-1;Single Pill Dispenser;Pill Dispenser

Now that the pill has moved in the position, the button movement pushes just ONE pill into the opening and it drops into your waiting hand.